Tree Trimming & Removal Request

Posted By on May 3, 2021

On April 15, 2021, the Board of Directors decided to no longer utilize or enforce the “Association Tree Trimming & Removal/Replacement Policy and Form” and go back to using the standard “Tree Trimming/Removal Form”. This form can be downloaded off the Action Property Management Resident Portal or by contacting the Management Office for a copy. Once you fill out the form, please specify if you are asking for an association tree to be removed , thinned out or crown reduced. Also include a picture of the tree(s) in question when submitting your form. To make things easier you can submit a email to Senior Community Manager Tiffany Kaldenbach and include a pdf attachment of the form and picture’s for Landscape Committee review and decision. The Landscape Committee meets once per month to address all homeowner concerns and requests with respect to the associations trees.

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