Mission Viejo Environmental Association Frequently Asked Questions

To assist MVEA Homeowners with Association information that is commonly requested you will find the most frequently asked questions and contact phone numbers listed below for your convenience.

Architectural Applications:

  1. What is the process to obtain an Architectural Application for home improvements? There are two simple ways to receive an MVEA Architectural Application.

    • You can go to the Mission Viejo Environmental Association web site at www.mveahoa.com and press the “Architectural” button on the upper left side of our Home Page and print out your application. Please remember to fill out the form completely to avoid delays in processing your application.
    • You can contact Andrew Burdick at maoc@actionlife.com
  2. How long is the processing time for a resident’s Architectural Application?

    It takes about ten to fifteen working days to process a Homeowners residential architectural application. However, per the guidelines the ARC Committee has 60 days to notify the homeowner of their decision.

  3. Notice of Completion Rules- homeowners have 90 days to complete their approved project once notified. Major Construction projects may request up to 180 calendar days to complete their project. Homeowners are required to return the Notice of Completion (NOC) form with pictures once their approved project is completed for final review and sign off by the associations ARC Committee.

Community Landscaping and Maintenance:

  1. What is the rotation time for Community Landscaping?

    It takes 8 weeks to do a complete landscaping rotation of all the common areas in MVEA.

  2. When are the Community Trees Trimmed?

    Depending on the species of the tree, once a year or every other year. The trimming usually takes place during the fall and winter months, between October and March, depending on the weather conditions. Proper trimming needs to take place when it’s cooler outside to help protect the trees and encourage new growth in the spring. Trees are no longer crown reduced they are only crown thinned and laced. Please refer to the CC&R’s with respect to views.

  1. What do I do if I have an Association Maintenance Request?

    Mail or e-mail Ryan Lancaster at Action Property Management 2603 Main Street, Suite 500, Irvine, CA 92614. Ryan can be reached by e-mail at rlancaster@actionlife.com. Your concerns will be quickly inspected and addressed, please leave a contact phone number and you will be notified of the actions planned from your request.

Community Emergencies:

  1. What is a Community Emergency?

    An Association “Emergency” is when your property is threatened or if there is continuous Association water running that has the potential to damage your home or the Association’s Common Area. In the case of an emergency during normal work hours please contact Action Property Management at (949) 450-0202.

General Association Information:

  1. Who repairs resident mailboxes?

    The Homeowner maintains their own mailbox.

  2. What are my responsibilities to the Association?

    As well as maintaining your property, the homeowner should report possible vandalism to the common area slopes and report potential sprinkler problems that may damage personal or association property.

  3. Who is responsible for maintaining the resident’s drains?

    It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their drains. The association does not maintain resident’s drains or install drains to benefit a homeowner. Additional information can also be found in your Association’s CC&R’s.

  4. What if I have a complaint about my neighbors?

    Please submit the required “Violation Report” form to Action Property Management with the nature of the complaint along with your contact phone number as well as your address. Please include pictures if applicable.

The City of Mission Viejo Responsibilities to our Community:

  1. Enforcement for vehicles parked on the community streets

    The City of Mission Viejo Code Enforcement Department dictates the community street parking rules and the local Sheriff Department enforces the rules. Their phone number is (949) 470-3030.

  2. Repairs of Community streetlights

    The City of Mission Viejo maintains the community streetlights. If you require repairs or maintenance of your streetlights please call the City of Mission Viejo General Information phone number (949) 470-3000.

  1. City maintenance issues

    For city maintenance issues please call the City of Mission Viejo at (949) 470-3000.

  1. Where can I get a Mission Viejo City and Recreation Map?

    Contact the Mission Viejo Recreation and Community Services Department. The phone number is (949) 470-3043