Manager’s Messages

Results of January 4, 2024 Election

Your Association’s Annual Meeting of the Members was held on January 4, 2024. Three seats were up for election on the Board. The Election of Directors was successfully completed. Three (2) Directors were elected to serve a two (2) year term.

            NAMES OF CANDIDATE(S)                                        NUMBER OF VOTES CAST

            Peter Vallier                                                                  1,208  

            Deanna DeRosa                                                             1,328 

            WRITE IN CANDIDATE(S)                                          NUMBER OF VOTES CAST

            N/A                                                                              N/A

The following Directors were elected onto the Board to fulfill the following term requirements:

            NAME OF DIRECTOR ELECTED                                TERM

           Deanna DeRosa                                                        2-year term

           Peter Vallier                                                                  2-year term       

Lastly, the members present further voted to approve the January 5, 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes as presented.

Board of Directors

Mission Viejo Environmental Association


Seasonal Lighting Changes

Seasonal lighting is permitted without Architectural Committee approval October 15th – January 15 only.


October 19, 2023 Delegate Election Results

Your Association’s Annual Delegate Election was held on October 19, 2023. The Election of Delegates was completed. Eight (8) Delegates were elected to serve a one (1) year term starting January 1, 2024.

NAMES OF CANDIDATES                                          NUMBER OF VOTES CAST


            Richard Schweinberg (Increment 1)                                              34

            Deborah Currie (Increment 3)                                                       7

            Frank Fossati (Increment 4)                                                          14

            Amber Isenhard (Increment 5a)                                                    12

            Connie Beardsley (Increment 5a)                                                  50

            Martin Del Secco (Increment 5b)                                                  8

            Susan Downing (Increment 5b)                                                    10

            Fred Van Veen (Increment 5b)                                                      22

            Marie Whitehouse (Increment 6)                                                  32

            Joseph M. Tully III (Increment 7)                                                  59

            Robert Horn (Increment 8)                                                           47

WRITE IN CANDIDATE(S)                                          NUMBER OF VOTES CAST

            Peggy Russo (Increment 1)                                                          2

            Nicole Bliss (Increment 2)                                                             2

            Rich Pitta (Increment 8)                                                               1

            Jack Mills (Increment 8)                                                              1

The following Delegates were elected to fulfill the following term requirements:

            NAMES OF DELEGATES ELECTED                           TERM

            Richard Schweinberg (Increment 1)                                             1

            Deborah Currie (Increment 3)                                                     1

            Frank Fossati (Increment 4)                                                        1

            Connie Beardsley (Increment 5a)                                              1

            Fred Van Veen (Increment 5b)                                                  1

            Marie Whitehouse (Increment 6)                                               1

            Joseph M. Tully III (Increment 7)                                               1

            Robert Horn (Increment 8)                                                       1

The following increments below did not meet the ten percent (10%) quorum response by its Tract Members. A second solicitation for Member votes is scheduled to take place. The reconvened election is set to be held on November 16, 2023 at 7:00 pm.

  • Increment 2
  • Increment 10

Board of Directors

Mission Viejo Environmental Association


Annual Meeting of the Delegates- January 5, 2023






  1. To elect new Board of Directors:  Three (3) Directors will be elected for a term of two (2) years

An Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors will be held immediately following the election to appoint the officers of the Board. 


At the meeting for the election of the Board of Directors, each Delegate may give one or more candidates for Director a number of votes equal to the voting power of the Increment being represented. The voting power of each increment is listed below:

Increment #1           325 Votes                                 Increment #5b   324 Votes

Increment #2           429 Votes                                 Increment #6     404 Votes

Increment #3           53 Votes                                   Increment #7     414 Votes

Increment #4           88 Votes                                   Increment #8     483 Votes

Increment #5a         364 Votes                                 Increment #10   8 Votes

A Delegate may cast all of his/her votes for one candidate or may distribute the votes among the candidates in any way; provided you do not vote with fractions and the total number of votes does not exceed the voting power of the increment.


Kevin Krasner from Increment #5a

Matt Doretti from Increment #5a

Marie Whitehouse from Increment #6

Eugene Rogers from Increment #7

Joseph Cascio from Increment #7

Anthony Accetta from Increment #7

Robert Horn from Increment #8

At the Annual Meeting, additional nominations may be taken from the floor for volunteers to serve on the Board.  Each nominee will be given a chance to present a brief speech on his/her qualifications for consideration.


City of Mission Viejo 50th Annual Holiday Home Lighting Contest Winners- Congratulations

The winners of the City of Mission Viejo Activities Committees 50th Annual Holiday Home Lighting Contest have been announced. If you are looking for something fun to do this holiday season, take a moment to drive past these brightly decorated homes and check out their magical holiday displays.

Most Creative Theme- 2nd Place 23271 Via Guadix

New Kids on the Block- 2nd Place 27811 Naranja

Showstopper- 1st Place 21921 Cosala

Honorable Mentions: 27942 Cabo Rosa, 28365 La Caleta, 27572 Minaya, 23091 Tiagua, 27151 Valia, 27322 Via Burgos